Bontrager 24/12 2014 (donna) female team 2nd

Bontrager 24/12 2014 (nigel) 9th male team

Torq12 2014 6hr solo Donna 2nd female

Torq12 2014 6hr solo Nigel 2nd male


Strathpuffer 2015 Mixed pairs 2nd

Mountain mayhem 2015 mixed team (team cystic fibrosis) 3rd

Bontrager 24 2015 mixed pairs 2nd

Torq 12hr 2015 Donna 1st overall female

Torq 12 2015 Nigel 3rd male

Kielder 101 2015 1st vet female

Up the Buttress 2015 1st female

Brass monkeys round 1 4hr  15/11/15 Donna 1st vet female Nigel 8th male

Brass monkeys round2 4hr Donna 1st vet female Nigel 6th male

Brass monkeys round3 4hr Donna 1st vet female Nigel 11th male

(SERIES RESULT -Donna 1st vet female Nigel 5th male )


Strathpuffer 23/1/16  1st mixed pairs

Gorrick 100 2016 3rd female , 10th male

Glentress7 1st overall female , 8th overall male

Mountain mayhem 2016 mixed team 1st place

Twentyfour12 24hr solo 1st overall Male (36 laps 230miles )

Twentyfour12 24hr solo 1st overall Female (22 laps)

Kielder 101 Donna 2nd vet female Nigel 2nd fatbike

Up the Buttress Nigel 3rd male

24hr uk Championships 2016 (Relentless):

Donna 1st place female quad (uk champions )

Nigel 2nd place senior male pair (3rd place uk championships)


Strathpuffer 24 9th male (retired injured at 19hrs)

Wembo world 24hr champs Finale ligure 2-3rd june :Nigel  2nd in category 14 overall

Donna 4th in category 16th overall

Relentless 24 Nigel 1st male pairs senior

Donna 1st solo vet female


cropped-mayhem2.jpg13509148_628873763934233_3180717073150824272_npuffer podium 2016



Kielder chiller 24hr 1st mixed quad 3rd team overall

Donna has gone all Enduro !!!!!:

PMBA enduro rd 2 Grizedale 1st female vet

Boltby Bash 7th Female

Mac Avalanche 3rd vet female

National 24hr Champs Longest day longest ride (i.o.m)

Nigel 2nd overall male

Donna Single speed national champion



One thought on “results

  1. Iain Dredge

    Congratulations for the result at Keilder.
    We were the bunch of mugs at the side of you.

    You’ve got a good set up. I learnt a lot from you.


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