#1000milemonth…almost done

I had hit mid February with nothing to really focus on and was fishing for ideas when someone mention doing 1000miles in a month…..I thought that sounds like something to get stuck into over March !

I hadn’t realised just how many hours in the saddle 1000miles is and have since realised its a long time and a long way! But we started well with the idea of getting a 100 mile ride in on a Saturday and stretching the other 100 or so miles over the week to give about a 220 to 250mile week depending on how things go with weather and work.

To be fair I haven’t been pushing myself just trying to maintain a pace I can stay at all day long and keeping the heart rate low. I’m now at the point where the Easter weekend looms and I have about 235miles to go, the only problem I have had is all the flat riding has caused a onset of fatigue making every little incline feel like a alpine summit. The aim is to put out 205miles tomorrow and then all we have to do is a steady 30 miles one day next week ..But there is a problem for donna as I am almost 170miles in front!..


I’ve found a love for the flatland which I didn’t believe I had if you find a little singletrack rough road in the middle of nowhere that goes on for a few flat miles its perfect, the only problem with flat riding is the wind and the relentless pedalling.

I will be fuelling the big 205 with small amounts of food frequently like I would do on a endurance race Chia charge bars are a great source of natural slow release energy perfect for this sort of challenge and I have a secret weapon for when things get grim in the form of the Nutrixxion xx force drink which is loaded with caffeine to make the ride more bearable….come Monday the road bike goes in the shed for a month!!




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